Wrong Weather on Wheels

Wrong Weather on Wheels

Local news station KDKA in Pittsburgh has purchased a fully outfitted Mobile Weather Vehicle “in order to bring our inaccurate weather predictions out into the field and directly to the people,” announced News Team veteran , Stacy Jones. “KDKA has long been a source in the community for some of the most inaccurate weather predictions in the area,” Jones added. “We want to continue that service to our communities so that our viewers will know what to prepare for the opposite of, as they make plans to travel around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania or the United States.” “Our viewers continue to make it known to us, how much they appreciate our inaccurate forecasts and always plan for the complete opposite of what we tell them,” says Head Meteorologist Jeffey Vezuvula. “This new mobile weather station will allow us to get into the streets of our communities and bring the best inaccurate forecasts right into the laps of the people,” he added.

Even local sports teams like the Penguins are big fans of KDKA Weather according to Team Owner Mary O’Lemieux. “It’s great to know that when someone from the KDKA Weather Team says it will be Sunny and 70, that we can flood our outdoor rinks and expect them frozen that evening.” “There is truly no substitute for Pittsburgh’s best and most inaccurate weather forecasts and now, we can expect this inaccuracy to brought right out into our streets and communities, it just doesn’t get much better than that,” he added.


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