Crudge Report

Crudge Report

Reports out of Drudge News indicate the website has agreed in principle to be purchased by Cracked Magazine with the resulting new website and company being called, The Crudge Report. .  “This is a merger made in heaven,” said Matt Drudge at a news conference held in the offices of Cracked Magazine.   Cracked Magazines, head of public relations Al Neumann stated,  “This will merge the Internet’s zaniest, most silly and far fetched website with ours.”  “Nobody can write a more whacked out,  anger-invoking, headline than Matt and his team,” Neumann continued. 

“I expect Crudge, to carry on the highly insightful, right leaning, propaganda filled stories that the old Drudge site did,” said new Crudge CEO, Lem Rushbaugh. 

“Crudge news division plans to increase the number of website ads and distraction causing ads found on the previous Cracked site.  This just looks like a perfect fit for both parties and the ultimate win-win,” he added. 

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