519nrG8ah8L._SL500_SR100,100_The New England Patriots opening game against the Pittsburgh Steelers was also a fan appreciation night.  The first 20,000 fans were each given an inflatable Tom Brady doll along with a chance to win $25,000 dollars in a halftime raffle.  

“We enjoy the support of our fans all season long and wanted to start off the 2015 schedule with a giveaway,” said owner Robert Craft.  “This is also a celebration of our latest Super Bowl victory and a homage to our Quarterback, for winning his fourth title.”  When asked about the safety of giving fans inflatables prior to a game, Craft responded that he ordered ushers to make sure the promotions were not inflated completely, so as to prevent any injury or security risks.  

The Pats next giveaway is scheduled for Halloween weekend when fans can expect to copies of the opponent’s playbook, autographed by Head Coach Bill Belichick along with a decoder ring which will allow them to pick up and translate the other team’s signals. 


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