Officials of Major League Baseball announced today that the baseball World Series is expected to conclude by Thanksgiving this year.  It has been known for several years that the baseball season has been going on longer each year as teams make the post season in record numbers AND the “best of” series are, more often than not, going the full complement of games.  This year is no exception and several of the early rounds have been going to a “winner take all” final game.  

As a result the League has decided to institute a policy that will guarantee that “all games”, including the World Series, will be completed by Thanksgiving.  Don Pardo, director of league scheduling recently stated, “our league is responding to the issues brought to our attention by the players and umpires union, regarding the continuing length of the season.”  “After a brief investigation, our offices have concurred with this assessment and have decided to schedule games, so that no game will be played after Thanksgiving.”   

“We all agree that baseball is historically, a summer game and thus, we need to make sure we can play as many games as possible during the summer months.”  Pardo added, ” we will begin this new scheduling system next season which we know will enhance the game and allow our participants to be home in time for Thanksgiving.”  

Who says the baseball season if too long?  


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