1296258919_dragones-tattoos-28An Englewood, California co-ed, Sally Mander was shocked to find out that a tattoo of a dragon she paid $300 for washed off, after she jumped into the family swimming pool.  Mander said she paid tattoo artist Victor Bloomquist the money with the understanding the tattoo was permanent.  Much to her shock and dismay, the teen came to find that the ink was water soluble and she had been duped by Bloomquist.   Mander reported the fraud to local authorities who picked up the artist for further questioning.  Mander told police she went to Bloomquist’s office where they agreed on a price for what she believed to be a permanent tattoo of a dragon to be inked on her back.   According to her testimony to police Bloomquist worked on the picture for nearly five hours, after which she paid him $300 in cash and left.  She stated that a few hours later when she arrived at home, she decided to take a dip in her family’s swimming pool and shortly after she exited, she realize the dragon had washed off.  According to her story, she returned to Bloomquist’s office to question him, at which point he refused to discuss the tattoo with her.  It is at this time she went to the police station to report the incident   Bloomquist had no comment and refused numerous opportunities to tell his side of the story.