Casey's New Digs

After careful consideration for her safety and the safety of others, Casey Anthony’s lawyers, Jose Baez and the fat guy with the beard, have decided to release her into the Amazon Jungle.  “It’s probably the only place she is going to be safe,” Baez said.  “With all the hatred out there and the death threats and all, this is probably the safest and most humane way to go,” he added.   Anthony has spent over three years in prison and is very fearful of being released into any areas occupied by humans.   She is quoted as saying that she wouldn’t mind spending some time in the deep woods away from it all.  She wants a place where she can feel safe and secure. Baez further added, “We are going to set her up in a cabin, with a phone, some satellite TV, running water and power and even an internet connection where she will be able to further her research into the making of chloroform.  “It should be perfect for her with all the plants, trees and vegitiation surrounding her,” Baez added.  “It’s the perfect win-win situation for her.”  “She’ll have built in safety and security as well as the ability to continue her research, said Mr. Baez.   “Things just don’t get any better than this.”


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