It appears as though a moronic blogger keeps attempting to create humorous headlines on his blog with the goal of attracting readers.   The blogger, posting under the name Satire 24/7, apparently has been coming up with some questionable post titles in order to drum up readership on his pathetic blog.  This is another example of why the government needs to have tighter control over the internet.  Someone need to put their foot down on behavior like this, especially when it’s not funny or clever in the least.  A lot of  brain cells are being wasted in this effort by all parties involved and it needs to stop.  Uncreative and non-humorous writing in the blog-o-sphere needs to be controlled by government mandate it necessary.  If you read back on this writers past posts, you will quickly see what I mean.  Nothing even remotely funny or clever has ever been posted on the web site,    No sense wasting your time and energy looking for anything worth reading.  Your time would be much better spent reading The Onion or some other mainstream website.   I would hope that the author would do us all a favor and just QUIT!


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