New Czar Pushes Cypherin

In a stunning move designed to improve America’s failing public education system, President Obama is set to appoint Jethro Bodine of Beverly Hills, his new czar of education.  In this position Bodine will report directly to the President regarding all things educationally related.  Reports say he has been instructed by the President to, “fix dat der education system right quick.”   Bodine comes to the new position vastly qualified according to his Uncle, millionaire Jed Clampett.  “Why Jethro done got hisself a mighty high degree of book learnin,” stated Mr. Clampett.  “He’s got hisself a degree from the sixth grade,” Clampett added proudly.

Bodine is expected to start his new job as soon as he recovers from a broken arm supposedly inflicted when he was rasslin his cousin Elle May down by the ceement pond.  Mr. Bodine when asked to comment replied, “dang nabbit, I woulda done started this here new job if it wasn’t for Elle foolin around.”  Bodine says he would be willing to listen to ideas from citizens who could reach him by phone at;  six-naught-five-three-three-five-naught-naught-two-six.


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